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f new and good quality used golf clubs. I’m looking to build links with your golf society, to support your members. I maybe also am looking to get involved on the playing front. I’ve often gone to Vilamoura to play with the Bar Pacifico boys ( I’m a friend of “ King Kenny!”). If you’re interested in what I do, email me and I’ll pop over for a chat.
Best regards, Terry.

Congratulations Avi and Marion on your 20 years anniversary. Wish we could be with you to celebrate but we are looking forward to seeing you all again in the summer!

Have a great day!

Carole and Pete Strong
Emmie and Ruth Wareing

Have booked for Thursday the 31/1/19 for two at around 7.30...could you change to four people and early say 5.30 to 6 pm?


Mark and Debby.

Elodie en Caron


s x Hope to be over September/October, all being well.

d you be kind enough to email your recipe so this massive saucepan I've done doesn't go to waste.
My sister has a place near you and I. Am very sure we will back to see you agin.
Hoping to hear back from you real soon.
Many thanks Jane

Hallo Marion en Avi,
Wij komen 2 weken in de kerstperiode (van 22-12-2016 t/m 05-01-2017) naar Manta Rota.
Kun jij ons aangeven welke dagen jullie open zijn in deze periode.

ik hoor het graag

Marcel, Aryanne, Elodie en Caron

Kenny (Vilamoura)

anta Rota beach before and hope your local to that. My plan was for us to have a day at the beach on Sunday 28th and hit the bar for dinner and drinks. One main question, we are big West Ham supporters and desperate to see the match against Man City. Will this be shown in Mar's.?
Looking forward too the visit.

Kind Regards


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